About the Artist


I’m five today. Five years old means kindergarten.

New outfit (my mom made it for me). New world.



I had been waiting for this day for a whole year,  because I desperately wanted to learn to read. I thought that everyone goes to kindergarten on the day they turn five. I was ready to leave with my older sister, but she had to break it to me (and probably called me dumb) that I couldn’t go to school with her. (Don’t worry, sisters get way nicer when they grow up.)

I had to wait until the following September. Almost another whole year.

I was devastated… but there was a party later that afternoon to cheer me up.

And Mom taught me to read while I waited for the day I could go to school.

Before I could read, I would spend hours just looking at the illustrations in picture books, pouring over every detail. I can almost feel children doing the same thing as I create characters and their worlds. I like to add details that will intrigue and delight us all.

Augustina is my first picture book and a special story to me. I have a fondness for any character who overcomes the difficulties of being different. As an oddball myself, I look for friends who can appreciate that I have many interesting talents, just like Augustina,

I hope you enjoy her story and love her as much as I do.

— Rita

Let’s get Augustina made into an animated movie! RitaDoyleRoberts.com

Augustina is made possible in part by grant monies.

The Colorado Creative Industries Division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (CCI)
has awarded me with a Career Advancement grant. Thank you CCI for believing in Augustina and her story!